Project description

Federal legislation recognises ‘the Environment’ as a legitimate user of water in the Murray-Darling Basin. As such, the Environment owns a portion of river flows and there are government departments dedicated to delivering this water to the species and habitats that need it most. These ‘environmental watering’ activities generate strong conservation outcomes for a range of fishes, frogs, birds, and plants. However, the accumulation of salts at intervention sites is poorly understood. Salinisation has the potential to degrade habitats of conservation significance gradually. The student will work with project partners - Landscapes South Australia – to track environmental watering activities in Murray River wetlands and monitor salinity changes. The student will examine these impacts on native taxa and propose changes to environmental watering practices to manage these effects. These recommendations will ensure that short-term conservation actions do not result in long-term environmental degradation.


Rupert Mathwin

Supervisors research focus

I am something of a generalist, but ‘environmental modeller’ largely covers my interests and expertise. My team and I develop models to predict ecosystem function, resilience, and change in the past, present, and future, with a focus on maintaining as much biodiversity as possible for the benefit of all.

Industry involvement

Landscapes South Australia

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