Project description

In order to expand the production of plant-based protein from lentil and faba bean crops in South Australia in a changing climate it is necessary to understand fundamental questions around the limitations of water stress on nitrogen fixation and physiology of these pulse crops. The project proposes supporting two honours students based at Flinders University to consider the following questions at a cellular level;
  1. Does water stress at flowering impact on nodule function & N fixation in either lentil or faba bean? If so, is this response affected by rhizobium strain?
  2. What is the impact of water stress at flowering on N demand and N transport pathways? Is this response affected by plant genotype?
This project will link the expertise in plant stress at the cellular level from Finders university with that of nitrogen fixation and crop physiology at SARDI.


Dr Elizabeth Anne Farquharson (nee Drew) - SARDI

Assumed knowledge

basic knowledge of plants

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