Associate Professor Kirstin Ross
Ross, Kirstin (Associate Professor)
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Project description

Lead is a ubiquitous anthropogenic environmental contaminant with significant public health impact profile. Many historical activities may have resulted in lead contamination in soils in urban areas. This project will be a field investigation and laboratory analysis-based project. You will be required to design a sampling plan based on the historical land use patterns, collect soil samples and conduct laboratory analysis for the presence of lead. You will use QGIS software in designing you sampling plan. You will use numerical datasets (eg traffic density) as well as qualitative historical land use information.


Dr Kateryna Babina, Dr Richard Evans

Assumed knowledge

This project needs someone with attention to detail, passion for lab work and interest in data sciences. Ideally, you would have some experience with geospatial software, data interrogation and visualisation. You would have to be interested in learning /advancing your geospatial and data analytics skills (you will be provided with appropriate support and guidance).

Note: You need to register interest in projects from different supervisors (not a number of projects with the one supervisor).
You must also contact each supervisor directly to discuss both the project details and your suitability to undertake the project.