Expression of interest in science projects

Before applying you need to contact the supervisors directly to discuss both the project details and your suitability to undertake the project.

If you have completed (or are about to complete) a 3 year bachelor degree, and are applying to add on a 1 year honours course, in addition to submitting this Expression of Interest for projects, you must apply online for the honours course via the student system. When applying, you need to search for the relevant honours course code (HBSC or HBIT or HBDTI or HBAGIS or HBEM) and select the correct 1 year course that you wish to apply for.

Note that students already in a 4 year honours course DO NOT need to submit an application via the student system.

Visit the “Explore Honours” page for application guides and instructions.


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Please enter the projects which you want to express interest in. You can copy and paste the project and supervisor names from your bookmarked projects below. Ensure you have selected at least 2 projects from different supervisors.

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*Note that Semester 1 intake for Science honours begins 4 weeks prior to the Uni semester 1 start date.
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