Dr Boris Blankleider
Blankleider, Boris (Dr)
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Project description

One of the great frontiers of scientific knowledge takes place at a scale more than a million times smaller than that of nanometers. This is the realm of nuclear and elementary particles such as quarks, gluons, pions, neutrons, protons, etc., their mysterious interactions governed by the rules of Quantum Field Theory. At Flinders, we are developing novel theoretical models that aim to provide the most accurate descriptions of basic processes that take place at this scale. Currently, Honours/Masters projects are available that aim to describe the strong interactions taking place between nuclear and elementary particles.

Assumed knowledge

Knowledge of Quantum Mechanics at 3rd year university level is assumed.

Note: You need to register interest in projects from different supervisors (not a number of projects with the one supervisor).
You must also contact each supervisor directly to discuss both the project details and your suitability to undertake the project.