Professor Claire Lenehan
Lenehan, Claire (Professor)
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Project description

Optical fibres can be modified for use as sensors for a range of purposes. This includes modification for use in chemical and bio-sensing, along with measurement of properties such as temperature and pressure. We are currently working on developing new fibre optic sensor platforms for use in a range of sensing applications. There are two project areas available; the first will explore physical and chemical modification of optical fibres with thin-films for chemical sensing, the second will manufacture sensors and explores signal processing algorithms towards improving sensor resolution and sensitivity.  


Professor Jamie Quinton, Dr Ula Alexander 

Assumed knowledge

Third year chemistry/physics

Note: You need to register interest in projects from different supervisors (not a number of projects with the one supervisor).
You must also contact each supervisor directly to discuss both the project details and your suitability to undertake the project.