Dr Nicholas Holyoak
Holyoak, Nicholas (Dr)
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Project description

This project will involve an analysis of Traffic accident data for Adelaide Metro area in order to create a list of intersections with the highest number of accidents based on different parameters. This will include: •     Creation a list that includes different accident severity (e.g. Fatal=4; Major Injury=3; Minor Injury=2; Property damage Only=1) •     Create a list based on accident costs (e.g. fatal = $1.1 million) Additionally, this project will involve an analysis of the SCATS traffic signal control system in order to determine the intersection exposure rates. Based on the both databases, an accident prevention and mitigation measures will be proposed for the top ranked intersections. Moreover, Sidra and Aimsun modelling will be conducted to evaluate proposed changes and to estimate potential benefit/cost ratios. Finally, an investigation into new innovated intersection control (e.g. continuous flow intersections) will be performed.


Branko Stazic.

Assumed knowledge

ENGR3871 Transport Systems Engineering (or ENGR8971 Transport Systems Engineering GE).

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