Associate Professor Kirstin Ross
Ross, Kirstin (Associate Professor)
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Project description

There are three major towns in Australia impacted by mining and smelting lead (along with other metals): Pt Pirie in South Australia, Mt Isa in QLD and Broken Hill in NSW. These towns are hosts to some of the world’s largest lead mines and smelters. Emissions of lead have been investigated, regulated and monitored extensively. This project aims to investigate the airborne emission profiles for contaminants other than lead. The combination of different contaminants is very much dependant on the industrial processes and the quality of raw materials mined or processed.   This investigation would need to look at publicly available historical records of industrial practices, reports of contaminant monitoring published in scientific literature, and provide a summary of emissions components other than lead for Pt Pirie, Mt Isa and Broken Hill. The potential risks to human health from exposures to these contaminants will form a basis for future research in this area.


Dr Kateryna Babina

Assumed knowledge

This is mostly historical and scientific literature-based project. Requires familiarity with principles of public health toxicology, research methods, ability to conduct literature search and critically appraise scientific literature and a motivation for a lot of academic reading and writing.

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