Associate Professor Kirstin Ross
Ross, Kirstin (Associate Professor)
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Project description

Chemical use in agriculture and farming has been linked to many health issues for the farmers, farm workers, their families, and the nearby communities. There are a number of alternatives to the use of chemicals for pest control in agriculture, viticulture, market gardens etc. Many are available in South Australia. This project will gather information on what methods are currently commercially available in SA, how widely they are taken up by farmers, how effective they perceived to be by users, and what are the main barriers for greater uptake. A review of current state of knowledge on the role of these methods in improving worker health and the health of the community will be a large part of the report.


Dr Kateryna Babina

Assumed knowledge

This project calls for someone with good “people skills”. You will need to proactively approach individuals and organisations, design questionnaires and conduct interviews, prepare case studies. You will also need to conduct literature search and critically appraise scientific literature and a motivation for a lot of academic reading and writing. The project will require ethics approval, thus, writing up an ethics application will be one of the skills you will learn. This project will not require you to conduct lab analyses.

Note: You need to register interest in projects from different supervisors (not a number of projects with the one supervisor).
You must also contact each supervisor directly to discuss both the project details and your suitability to undertake the project.