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Ross, Kirstin (Associate Professor)
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Project description

Marginal lands, such as vacant blocks, rural road verges, boundaries of national parks, lands between agricultural parcels etc. often become overgrown by remnant vegetation (aka weeds). Anecdotal evidence suggests extensive overuse of chemical pesticides may be occurring.  The responsibility for weed control on these parcels of land may be a grey area where local governments and landowners have roles to play. You will be investigating the current and historical rules and regulations used by local governments to control weeds (remnant vegetation) on marginal lands. This project would require collaboration with local councils (urban, rural), landowners and should look into a sample of practices – e.g. roles distribution, chemicals applied (how and by whom). The result of your work will be a report outlining the distribution of roles and responsibilities for weed control between local councils and landowners, identifying whether there is overuse of chemical agents and a risk of undue exposure for people and the wildlife and suggesting ways in which these risks could be mitigated.


Dr Kateryna Babina

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