Dr Pankaj Sharma
Sharma, Pankaj (Dr)
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Project description

With a massive increase in miniatured portable electronic devices including mobile phones, laptops and biomedical implants, the development of sustainable energy solutions is the need of the hour. Currently, batteries of various kinds are used; however, their replacement and disposal is a huge environmental problem, and in the case of biomedical implants highly undesirable surgeries are required. A possible sustainable solution is to harvest energy from the environment of the device, e.g. mechanical vibrations. Under this topic, a range of green, bio-compatible, electro-active materials with giant electro-mechanical couplings suitable for such applications will be explored at the nanoscale using a range of experimental scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopic techniques.

Assumed knowledge

Physics/Chemistry/Nanotechnology/Materials Science

Supervisors research focus

Electronic materials and devices, nanoscience, scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy

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