Dr Pankaj Sharma
Sharma, Pankaj (Dr)
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Project description

Low-energy memory technology that is non-volatile and thus able to retain its data even when powered off enables energy-efficient computations and computers that do not need to be booted up. One of the most promising technologies for such applications is electron tunnel junction memory (Nano Letters 17, 922, 2017). This memory exploits the phenomenon of electron tunnelling across an ultrathin (1-4 nm) insulating polar material bridging two metals. The polar material exhibits a non-zero dipole moment with at least two stable directions for electric dipoles, which can be reversed from one to the other under an applied low voltage.

Assumed knowledge

Physics/Chemistry/Nanotechnology/Materials Science

Supervisors research focus

Electronic materials and devices, nanoscience, scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy

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