Dr Pankaj Sharma
Sharma, Pankaj (Dr)
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Project description

Ferroelectrics are an important class of polar electronic materials that typically have large dielectric constants and display non-linear optical effects, electro-optic effects, and other polarization-coupled phenomena. Ferroelectrics are thus responsive to a wide variety of external stimuli, e.g., electric field, stress, heat, and light, and have found applications in areas including high-energy-density capacitors, energy harvesting, sensors, electromechanical systems, and electronic devices. Most commonly used ferroelectrics in many commercial applications, however, contain ‘lead’, which is a toxic substance and adversely impacts both human health and the environment. This project will investigate lead-free, recyclable wurtzite structured oxide materials for the discovery of novel ferroelectric phases and polarization-controlled electronic and electro-mechanical properties.

Assumed knowledge

Physics/Chemistry/Nanotechnology/Materials Science

Supervisors research focus

Electronic materials and devices, nanoscience, scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy

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