What is the minimum entry requirements to apply for honours?

To qualify for a named Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, you must complete 144 units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, as described in the course rule for the chosen named degree. Students may transfer to a named Bachelor of Engineering (Specialisation) (Honours) course at any point after the successful completion of 36 units of study, including MATH1121 and PHYS1701.

The honours grade awarded is determined in accordance with the University’s Assessment Policy and Procedures and is calculated from the Weighted Average Mark of all topics at level 7000 and above taken as part of the degree as follows:

85 ≤ WAM – Honours First Class (H1)
75 ≤ WAM < 85 – Honours Second Class Division A (H2A)
65 ≤ WAM < 75 – Honours Second Class Division B (H2B)
50 ≤ WAM < 65 – Honours Third Class (H3)

Where a student has satisfied all requirements for the course but has achieved a WAM of less than 50, the WAM will be deemed 50 for the purposes of calculating the honours classification.

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